• ( 60 pieces / 150g ) Full head & a half of extensions
  • Our tape extensions are all pre-taped for ease of use, with a high quality adhesive that stays put up to 8
  • Each pack contains 20 pieces with a grand total of 50g (each piece is 2.5g).

    • 50g (1 packet) is suitable for adding a small amount volume to existing length for fine-haired beauties.

    • 100g (2 packets) is recommended for those with fine to medium hair, or for anyone wanting to add more volume to their length.

    • 150g (3 packets) is ideal for medium to thick hair, or anyone wanting to create a full and voluminous look.

    • 200g (4 packets) creates the ultimate volume and bounce!


  • Length: 20 inch (51cm) 
    Weight: 2.5 gram/piece, 50 gram/packet 
    Quantity: 20 pieces = 10 sandwiches 
    Width: 4 centimetres 
    Height: 0.8 centimetres 
    Style: Straight 
    Grade: AAAA Remy Human Hair 

    Suitable for: People with thinning hair and for adding length or volume or simply adding highlights without chemicals. 

    This is our most popular method of