Nano Bead Hair Extensions

Nano Bead Hair Extensions are a revolutionary method as the attachment is easily disguised in your hair due to its minute size and individual strand method.

The tiny nano beads are smaller, lightweight and discreet whilst being a very safe method for your hair.

100% cuticle remy hair in 20 inches

Silky, soft & healthy European Hair

Discreet & small method of extension

Benefits of Nano Beads

Our Nano Bead Hair Extensions are discrete and a very safe method for people with fine hair.

Our Nano Bead Hair Extensions are 90% Smaller than the traditional Microbead rings and are engineered extension to fit into a tiny bead. They are so comfortable and lightweight, great for clients looking for more flow with their hair.

- Safe & comnfortable to wear
- Re-usable for up to 12 months
- Move up every 6-8 weeks
- Easy for blowdrying, styling and washing
- No braiding, glue or heat required
- A full head applied in 90 minutes