What should I do if I have allergies?

A patch test of the cylinder is strongly recommended to identify potential reactions, especially for clients allergic to specific metals or jewelry. The test involves applying a cylinder behind the ear and leaving it in place for 24-48 hours.

Is the mesh visible?

No, when correctly fit and cut, mesh integration hair extensions should be invisible to the naked eye. The mesh and cylinders are seamlessly covered by the hair system, including at the part where the mesh remains concealed.

Will it look natural?

Absolutely! The attached system is custom cut and colored in the salon to ensure a natural, seamless blend with your own hair. When properly done, the hairpiece seamlessly integrates with your natural hair.

Can I sleep and shower with the mesh integration system?

Yes, the hairpiece is crafted from high-quality human hair, allowing you to sleep in, wash, style, and dry it much like your own hair. The breathable mesh enables you to work out without excessive sweating. For longer pieces, we recommend braiding or plaiting during sleep to prevent tangling, tugging, and pulling. Avoiding chlorine water is also advised as it can damage the hair.

How long does the piece last?

Typically, the hairpiece lasts around 6-12 months, with potential for longer durability based on proper maintenance and care. Adjustments every 5-8 weeks are recommended to accommodate natural hair growth, similar to traditional extensions.

How is this different from 'classic' hair extensions?

With mesh integration, a fine mesh layer is positioned over the crown of the head, and a hairpiece is placed over the scalp. This makes it an ideal solution for women experiencing hair loss or thinning, providing length and volume from the crown down, unlike extensions placed underneath natural hair.